Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are Wonderlifts safe?

Yes, Wonderlifts are made from hypoallergenic medical grade components that have been stringently tested to make sure they are safe.

Q: How long can I wear Wonderlifts?

Wonderlifts will stay in place until they are removed.

Q: How often can I wear Wonderlifts?

Wonderlifts can be worn every day if you choose. Wonderlifts are disposable so we recommend changing them daily to get the best results.

Q: Will people be able to see I’m wearing Wonderlifts?

Wonderlifts are transparent and a virtually invisible on the skin. Once you have clothes on no one will know your secret.

Q: Can I wear Wonderlifts Swimming?

Of course - Wonderlifts are water resistant and are suitable for wear during all sports activities.

Q: Can everyone use Wonderlifts?

Wonderlifts are suitable for everyone regardless of age or size. For breasts larger than a D cup Wonderlifts may need the added support of a bra, however wearing Wonderlifts with a bra will help prevent painful pressure from bra straps and allow you to wear prettier less supportive bras whilst lifting and realigning the shape of the breasts. Wonderlifts will allow you to go completely braless on breasts from an A cup to D cup.

We do not recommend Wonderlifts for mothers who are breast feeding.

Q: What should I do in the unlikely event of irritation?

Wonderlifts are hypoallergenic and have been thoroughly tested. However every woman is different and in the unlikely event of redness occurring, wait a day before continuing to wear Wonderlifts. In the very unlikely event that severe irritation persists, discontinue use. Please note that tanned or sunburned skin may be more sensitive than normal so wait until skin is less sensitive before using Wonderlifts.

Q: Can I order Wonderlifts if I am not in the UK?

Yes, we ship Wonderlifts internationally. Please contact us if your shipping destination is not listed at checkout.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all our products will be donated to breast care charities.